Sell tickets or get donations for your Zoom® events.

Ideal for people running

No commitment and no subscription

Get donations & sales in minutes with Tixoom.


Sign in via Zoom® and choose the events you want to issue tickets for


Link to a secure payment processor so you can get paid quickly and easily


Share your Tixoom tickets link with customers, and run Zoom events as usual

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It’s like Eventbrite® for a world where everything is done through Zoom®

The world's first Zoom-only ticketing platform.

Powerful features

Everything you need for ticketing.

Beautiful design
Stunning event pages for mobile & desktop - see an example

Secure payments
Support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit/debit cards

Sign-up visibility
See who's signed up to join your events - no more Zoom-bombing

Sales or donations
Choose to sell at fixed prices or accept donations for tickets

No cross-selling
We will not use your attendees' data to sell events run by others

Free accounts work
Works even for free Zoom accounts & with webinars or meeting events

Social sharing
Shout about your events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and beyond

Ticket bundles
Sell a bundle of tickets to multiple events like a series of classes

Discount codes
Offer price reductions on events or bundles via discount codes

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